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На предприятии действует группа специалистов, занимающихся разработкой и внедрением новых продуктов на основе сахаров и заменителей сахара. Инновационным направление нашей деятельности стала разработка смесей подсластителей собственного производства под торговой маркой A-sweet.

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Years of experience and acquired knowledge allow us to hold firmly to strict standarts of nutritious and products. We are happy cooperating with both large companies (or with state-run corporations) and small business enterprises.

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A team of highly qualified specialists with practical experience in designing and manufacturing of nutrition and its brands is ready to shape any your idea into valuable end product.

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We select the best suppliers all over the world
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More than 45 cities in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan.
We always keep expanding our operational geography of sales.

Sweets in brief

  •   When you and I hear that sugar is one of the most beloved and popular products under the sun, we feel these words mean volumes. Indeed, sugar is important for our life and very different in its use.     Each country leaves different taste memories: chocolate and cheese – Switzerland, cognac -France, waffles -Belgium …


      … To occupy the leisure hours, which the tenants of Granite House now had at their disposal, Cyrus Smith undertook an operation which could be performed indoors     In 2013, the Czech Republic celebrated a memorable date - 170-th anniversary of the first sugar cube produced by Czech scientist and entrepreneur Jacob Christoph Rad. Living in Daĉice, he ran the brothers Graebner first refinery in the Habsburg Empire.
  •   Still, we all come from childhood ... Gingerbread House with little sugar windows; beautiful castles, mysterious towers and     Recent decades have brought to mankind particularly swift changes: automation in industries and agriculture is in a full growth, buildings and houses equipped with smart conveniences, services and utilities and etc


      The older you get, the less you want to be involved in cheap intrigue, caused scenes and tantrums ... One longs just for a cozy house, a delicious dinner, and for a person who feels certain about that much sugar in your coffee.     Cocktails are popular all over the world. They are a "must" attribute in club life, they accompany variety of entertainments, and home parties.
  •   In many cuisines of the world duck dish is a traditional one but Beijing Duck is the most famous specialty of Chinese culinary art.      

Important information


We started producing sweetener blends under the A-sweet brand. At present, the assortment consists of 8 kinds of mixtures of various composition with sweetness coefficients from 130 to 400, which makes it possible to use A-sweet mixtures in a wide range of food products. We accept orders for the development of an individual compounding formula for your products!


We expand production facilities and purchase new equipment. Our new filling machine from a world-renowned company will allow us to increase production volumes and expand our capabilities by product packaging types.


The novelty of our assortment is a natural multifunctional ingredient maltodextrin. Maltodextrin is obtained from starch. Maltodextrin is characterized by low sweetness, rapid solubility, high moisture capacity.
Used in the manufacture of seasonings and sauces, fast food products, beverages, dairy, ice cream, baby food, dietary nutrition, etc. It is used as a thickener and filler in puddings, soups, frozen foods. Improves the taste and appearance of bakery and confectionery products. Aqueous solutions are used as a binder in toothpaste formulations.
The main pharmaceutical property of maltodextrin is that it contributes to the production of insulin by the body and increases the glycemic index, helps to restore strength.


The novelty of our assortment is cane brown sugar in cubes in a small box of 250 grams, which is convenient to take along on a trip to be able not only at home to enjoy the taste and benefits of refined sugar cane.


The novelty of our assortment is reed white lump sugar TM Ramiro. A crystal white color and original unique shape of sugar pieces add sophistication and aristocracy to tea drinking. Unlike classic cane sugar, white cane sugar lacks the taste of molasses, which allows it to be used for cooking baked goods and sweets in absolutely any recipes.


In December 2010, “Sladkii Mir” LTD registered three new domain names:

www.sorbit.su, www.fruktoza.su,www.ksilit.su


“Sladkii Mir” LTD has been included since October 2009 as a member of the Nizhegorodskaya Oblast’ Chamber of Commerce. The entity unites local enterprises and organizations into a single business cluster to promote the regional economy. The Chamber of Commerce prioritizes  inter-regional and international commercial exchanges in the region, and  promotes products and services launching  onto market.


"Sladkii Mir" LTD widens its product range. Pressed cane sugar project is being started to be realized. 


A new product is launched under the brand name "Ramiro". For  detailed information, see "Exotic sugar".


“Sladkii Mir” LTD expands its product range. A new products in “exotic sugar” series are to be launched in January 2008.


A new modern equipment went into service in October 2007,  able to improve the quality of packaging.


Our products, newly packaged, were launched in February: fructose in 250 g boxes, granulated sorbitol in 350 g and 500 g boxes.  For procurement of these new products, feel free to contact our sales department.


Our company has awarded the Russian National Standard and ISO 9001-2001 compliance certificate of management quality.

Cyclamate is not found in natural substances, it is an artificial sweetener, obtained by chemical synthesis.
Under the name "cyclamate", the code E952 in the list of food additives approved for use in the European Union combines three chemical compounds: cyclamic acid and its salts - sodium cyclamate (the main one on the market) and calcium cyclamate. Among the intensive sweeteners used, sodium cyclamate is one of the oldest. It was opened in 1937, 50 years after the saccharine.

Production of sodium cyclamate

Cyclamate of sodium is produced by the sulfonation reaction of cyclohexylamine (see Fig.)


The patent protection period has expired, as a result of which the PRC is intensively developing the industrial synthesis of cyclamates.

Cyclamates in the world market

The total volume of sales in the world market of intensive sweeteners is 1.2 billion US dollars (2012). Cyclamates divide with saccharin the third-fourth place in this segment (12% each), after sucralose (34%) and aspartame (26%). Cyclamates are most popular in the countries of the Far Eastern region.
Source: Credit Suisse

Sweet taste of sodium cyclamate

Sodium cyclamate, like other cyclamates, is the least sweet of the intensive sweeteners used: it is only 40 times sweeter than sugar.
In comparison with other sweeteners, sodium cyclamate has the best taste, that is, most like sugar; However, experienced tasters have a slight aftertaste. For this reason, this compound is often used in mixtures with other sweeteners; the best taste qualities are achieved in the mixtures cyclamate-saccharin with respect to 10: 1. In mixtures with other sweeteners, sodium cyclamate works well as a masking agent and shows a synergistic effect: the sweetness of the mixtures is higher than the sum of the sweetness of individual sweeteners.
Cyclamates do not have a smell.

Advantages of cyclamates

Glycemic index = 0;
Energy value = 0;
Does not promote the development of caries;
Possible use in diets for diabetics;
One of the cheapest sweeteners: the cost of sodium cyclamate is 6% of the cost of sugar in comparable quantities for sweets.

Application of sodium cyclamate

This sweetener finds application as well as all other sugar substitutes with zero energy value. It is thermally stable, non-caramelized, has a long shelf life, which is suitable for both home cooking and the food industry.


As a result of laboratory tests on rodents in the 1960s, suspicions arose that cyclamates could contribute to the development of tumor diseases. As a result, in 1969, it was banned for use in foods in the United States; to date, the ban continues to operate.
However, cyclamates are approved for use in more than 50 countries, including the European Union, Canada, Australia and Russia. In the European Union, the permissible level of daily intake of cyclamate is set at 11 mg per kg of body weight.

Additional materials about cyclamate