It is used as a table sugar substitute; for the production of confectionery, chewing gum; for the production of non-alcoholic, including functional, drinks

A lot of people are worried - and not without reason - with the negative health consequences caused by excessive consumption of sugar. They would willingly reduce his share in his diet, but the discomfort that arises from the unsatisfied need for sweet is not as harmless as it seems at first glance.


Erythritol creates new opportunities in reducing sugar content and energy consumption, which are welcomed by consumers controlling their weight.


We have enriched our product with such valuable and high-quality sweeteners as stevioside and sucralose. This allowed to get a ready sweetener for sweets 3 times higher than normal sugar. Therefore, it is necessary to put it three times less in a cup of tea or coffee, pour into a saucepan when preparing compote or jelly, knead it in dough.


The structure of Erythritus with Stevia includes sweeteners: erythritol, stevia extract (stevioside), sucralose.


Erythritol - a substitute for sugar with a pure sweet taste, similar to sucrose, with a slight "cooling" effect.


Stevioside is an extract of the Stevia honey herb, the most valuable natural sweetener.


Sucralose is a new high-quality safe sweetener that does not taste like ordinary sugar.


Erythritol with Stevia can be used in the preparation of baking, hot drinks and other dishes as an excellent alternative to sugar - even at temperatures above 1800 ° C the product does not lose its properties. The energy value of products prepared on the basis of Erythritol with Stevia, is reduced by about 30-60% compared to products prepared on sugar.


Use our product if you want to reduce the calorie content of your dishes.


Erythritol with Stevia is a product for those who choose a healthy diet:


  • the basis of the product is erythritol, a substitute for the sugar of the new generation;
  • has a wonderful pure sweet taste;
  • It does not contain calories and can be used in nutrition of people who control their weight;
  • like people watching their teeth. Does not change the pH level in the mouth, therefore can not provoke the development of caries;
  • does not increase blood sugar;
  • does not contain GMOs.
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